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I’m pleased to announce the launch of my book  Leaders’ Journal: 40 days of self-coaching, written with John Greenway, author of Leaders’ Map, and Andy Blacknell.

* It’s for all leaders – entrepreneurs, business managers, social enterprise leaders or anyone who aspires to lead
* Its aim is to enable to you to “self-coach”. It’s intended to help you learn and embed new ways of working over the 40 days and beyond.
* It provides 40 days of great stories and cases that will get you thinking and inspire you
* It provides a treasure chest of 40 practical and powerful tools and ideas that you and your team will want to use well into the future
* It’s a journal which gives you space to write down your thoughts and ideas each day and to keep a record of your journey
* It’s written to help you navigate more effectively – to improve your zig and to develop your zag!

Above all, our hope is that Leaders’ Journal will be of great benefit to you and the people you serve for many years to come.