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What are your life goals?

Will 2019 be the year that you make significant progress to get there? How can you increase your chances of success?

When I ask people what their goals are I continue to be amazed at how many vague responses I get. Perhaps counter-intuitively, the longer the timeframe, the more vague the response. Many people seem never to have asked themselves what the purpose of their life is, and have little idea how what they’re doing now will help them get to their life goals.

But we all have a unique, life-affirming purpose. Discovering yours will be one of the most exhilarating moments of your life. A ‘kairos moment’.

Once you discover your purpose, the key question is how to realise these ambitions. Having measurable, observable goals doesn’t guarantee success – but it does immeasurably increase your chances.

So why not start 2019 by clarifying your goals. Write them down. To help, we have devised 15 challenging, but essential questions for you to address. They are all set within The Life Direction Wheel.

The Life Direction Wheel is structured so that you can see how the key segments of your life work together towards your core vision, values and goals. It is designed to help you crystallise and articulate your choices and intentions in three key aspects of your life:

Your private life is about you and includes your character and spiritual life. It covers what you want to achieve and learn and what resources you want to build up.

Your public life is about family, friendships, community and the wider world.

Your professional life comprises your job, your development, your career and what you want to pass on to others.

Use The Life Direction Wheel and the following questions to help you think through what you want in each dimension of your life. Start with a long-term perspective, clarify what it would mean in the medium term and then work out the 2019 practicalities.

These are challenging questions, so don’t expect to come up with “all the answers” at your first attempt – give yourself time and space to work through it over the coming weeks. 

Core Vision, Values & Goals

1. How would you describe your primary purpose in life? [personal meaning]

2. What are your three most important personal values or golden rules? [personal principles]

3. What are your top 3 goals in life? [achievements by “life’s end”]

Private Life (YOU)

4. How do you want to develop in your character, inner being or spiritual life? [individual fulfilment, development of potential, beliefs]

5. What do you want to do or achieve in your private life? [individual achievements, culture/sport/recreation, plans for retirement]

6. What do you want to learn or develop skills in? [Education, hobbies, languages, practical skills]

7. What are your plans for your finances and other practical resources? [Financial goals, property/possessions, will/legacy]

Public Life (YOU & OTHERS)

8. What are your aspirations for your closest relationships/family life? [close friends, nuclear and extended family]

9. What wider relationships and activities do you want to pursue and enjoy? [friendships, sports/hobby clubs, cultural activities]

10. What do you want to do in your local community? [neighbourhood/voluntary activity, faith group]

11. What do you want to do in the wider world? [charity activities, politics]

Professional Life (YOU & WORK)

12. What do want to achieve in your current role? [desired achievements]

13. How do you want to develop professionally? [desired future skills]

14. How do you want your career to progress? [future opportunities and roles]

15. How do you want to be remembered in your work life? [what do you want to pass on?]

You can download these questions in a user-friendly, printable format at https://leadworklife.com/illustrations/life-direction-questionnaire/

The Life Direction Wheel is one of the models we have developed in “LEAD: 50 models for success in work & life”, (John D H Greenway, Andy Blacknell and Andy Coombe, published by Wiley).

Once you’ve clarified your goals, we have blended 20 of our own original models with 30 classics that will support you to achieve these goals.

All the illustrations are on www.leadworklife.com in glorious technicolour and are free for you to download and use. All illustrations by Visual Thinkery.